OPENSPACE is a training facility for street art and modern art of movement. With its 1,200 sqm training hall, OPENSPACE provides the framework for unconventional, cross-scene training in an environment full of life, creativity, laughter, concentration and seriousness. The basic idea of OPENSPACE is to develop individual creativity in the field of urban movement arts – from dance to tricking to parkour, biking, acrobatics and aerial artistry – in an interdisciplinary, unprejudiced community.

The motto „each-one-teach-one“ is a living reality: When it comes to showing new moves and styles, everybody learns at eye level in OPENSPACE. Across Germany, the OPENSPACE concept is unique and inspires young people from the region as well as professional artists and international artists who like to be guests at the Bochum training facility and who enrich each other with their individual differences.


Teenagers from 16 years of age and young adults can visit the OPENSPACE training hall from Monday – Friday from 16:00 to 21:00 and on Saturdays from 15:00 to 21:00 without reservation and train there free of charge. The daily training work in OPENSPACE is based on two pillars:

In the area of daily free training (for young people aged 16 and over) we work according to the principle of „each-one-teach-one“. Professional artists and artists from the various scenes meet up with the young generation during the free training sessions. Cooperation is shared and interdisciplinary – everyone learns from everyone.

The free training is supplemented by daily changing workshop offers in the areas of parkour, tricking, dance and biking. Attending these workshop offers at OPENSPACE is also free of charge and takes place without prior notice.

For those under 16 years of age there are always the „Space4Kids“ and the „Space4Teens“ on the first and third Saturday of the month – with guided training offers for kids from 6 years of age in the time from 11:00 to 13:00 and for teenagers from 12 years of age in the time from 13:00 to 15:00. These OPENSPACE offers are also free of charge. Since both the „Space4Kids“ and the „Space4Teens“ offers are in high demand, we had to limit the number of participants to 40 people per „Space4Kids“ & „Space4Teens“. We will close the workshop access when the maximum number of 40 participants for „Space4Kids“ & „Space4Teens“ has been reached.


In order to be able to train in OPENSPACE, you must fill out a liability exclusion form before the first training session. If you are under 18 years of age, this must be signed by your legal guardian. In addition, you have to register in a attendance list before each training session.

The corresponding disclaimer form can be downloaded as pdf. Download HERE.

The house rules can be downloaded as pdf. Download HERE.




The OPENSPACE training facility and its services are supported by nonprofit organization „OPENSPACE – Streetart und moderne Bewegungskunst“, which was founded in Bochum in May 2014. The organization takes care of the maintenance of the training facility and organizes the training operation. It is also responsible for the public image of OPENSPACE and maintains relations with important institutions and associations associated with the objectives of OPENSPACE. The association is continuously working on updating the training programmes and is looking for new fields of activity and networking opportunities for OPENSPACE, such as cooperation with educational institutions and sports associations or cooperation with partners from the creative industries.
Companies and institutions wishing to support the organization can get in contact direrectly: verwaltung@openspace.ruhr

OPENSPACE’s idea was triggered by the Bochum youth culture project URBANATIX, which brought young movement artists from the region together with international artists, choreographers and trainers for the first time in 2010 as part of the European Capital of Culture RUHR. 2010.
In joint training work, a new stage show was created that uniquely combines the artistic expressive potential of young people with modern international artistry. With great success – today, the URBANATIX Show is a permanent fixture in the Bochum Jahrhunderhalle repertoire and enjoys a high level of recognition beyond the region’s borders in the international artists‘ scene.